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Can Dogs Play Piano?

Can dogs play piano – isn’t that a great question!  While it is difficult to teach a dog to play piano, it is most definitely not impossible.  There are many reasons dogs are musical, think about how they wag their tail.  Do you notice when a dog wags their tail they are rhythmic?

What is Rhythm?

Rhythm is the timing, pace, or measurement of seconds in music.  Most rhythm is in 1-2-3-4 counting, and we call this a meter of 4.  When dogs wag their tail they often wag it back and fourth at an even pace.  When they are happy they wag their tail at a quick but steady pace, and when they are hungry they wag at a different speed!

Watch this super funny cat video of a meternome, a device used to measure rhythm.

Can dogs hear music?

Since we don’t have the ears of a dog, we can’t understand really what they can hear.  However, research can suggest that dogs can hear some music.  In the following research article by Psychology Today, they discuss dogs music hearing.  

The article suggests that indeed dogs do have a sense of pitch, which is a fancy word for sound.  Have you ever played the piano and had a dog sing with you? We often have this in lessons! Check out the video below if you don’t believe us!

Does Feely Piano School allow animals in piano lessons?

When we say our lessons are to be enjoyed by everyone in your home, we mean it! Yes, of COURSE your animals are allowed to be involved with lessons.  We actually prefer your animals to interact and be a part of your learning experience, because they are your family too!

Many animals benefit from hearing music in the home as it can sooth anxiety, and be a way for you to bond with your pet.  Book a lesson today to see what you could learn with your pup.   We offer piano lessons at your home so that you can be comfortable, and not worry about the stressing issues in life. Enjoy some time with your loved animals.


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