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How to practice piano with your kids

At Feely Music we’re always looking at ways to teach parents how to play music games at home with their kids.   Whilst it is really great to have teachers who visit your home and teach you, it is more beneficial to have parents involved too.

If you are looking to find evidence to support the importance of parent interaction with music lessons, you might want to check out this guide to Parent Involvement in Education.  

Why are kids resistant to practicing piano with parents?

There are lots of reasons we find students resist parent involvement with homework.  Many of our at home piano lesson teachers share similar histories of not wanting to practice with parents.  Sometimes students feel awkward practicing with their parents, while some feel they know more than their parents do.  While some students want to practice with their parents, perhaps they don’t know how.

When you practice with your kids, it’s important to make your activities fun and specific.  Plan a game, or theory activity with them, or just listen to them play a song.  If you are an addition to helping your kids to enjoy their practice, you will find that they enjoy your presence.

Fun Easter Activity game to help you understand how to practice piano with your kids

Watch the above video with at home piano teacher Waterloo Melissa, and get inspired to practice piano with your kids through games.

This game uses a cup, chocolate treats, and music rhythms assigned to the cups.  What is also fun about this activity is it is a chance to create music DIY crafts for your home.  Click on this link for more at home piano lesson craft activities for parents.

What you need to do for this game, is add music rhythms to plastic cups using paper and pens.  Playfully rearrange the cups and rhythms and place chocolates under each cup.  Next, when the cups are arranged, clap the rhythms!  If the person clapping the rhythms is correct in the rhythm sequence they earn the reward of the chocolate under the final cup to the right.

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