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How to songwrite course lesson 1

Feely Music is starting a free, blog style course for those who want to learn how to song write! Follow our 6 week series wherein you will learn how to study words and music!  Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to write a good song?

We encourage you to participate in the homework assignments and send them to We will give you free feedback!


In this lecture we will begin to discuss how lyrics are created, and what to consider when you are writing.


What is lyric: Lyrics are the words to a song, poem, or verse.  In most pop songs we follow an call section A the verse, which is a part of the song which tells the story.  B is the chorus, the part of the song which reminds us what our main point of the song is. Section A and B rotate a lot, like a story does too! We tell some of the story, revisit the concept or idea, and then tell more of the story. This is how we maintain interest while also revisiting our main point of the story!


Let’s look at a current pop song of today:


When you look at the lyrics, see how the main chorus words keep repeating? This is called section B. Section A would be the first part that has words which more describe a scene, story, and part that emotes more of a long term story.  

Questions? Ask away! Comment below or send us an email at

Homework for songwriting class 1

Your homework is try to consider what we’ve mentioned in the post, and create some rhyming words.  When you have done this, send them to and we will work at you to perfect this step! Next week we will be learning about sentences and how words sound like musical phrases.


Next time your listening to a pop song, take note! Next lesson we will learn how to write the words to a B section.  Until next time!

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