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Improvisation in piano lesson songwriting, read Anna’s story!

At Feely Piano School, we take every opportunity to compose with improvisation in piano lesson songwriting.. Mothers Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas or any reason at all.  Our in home piano lesson teachers create lessons that are matching the curiosities and goals of the student.  This story features at home piano lesson teacher Emilee, and 4 year old piano lesson student Anna’s songwriting.

Written by Emilee

Last year for mothers day, student Anna and I wrote a very lovely song for mom. First, we started with a list of words to describe Anna’s mom, activities they engage in and emotions Anna felt towards her mom.  Secondly, I helped her understand how to write the words, spell, and she even decorated her song too! Finally, I then helped 7 year old Anna form these words into sentences, sharing common syllables and like sounding words from her list.

We then chose random letters and randomly selected music alphabet letters to pair them with. I helped Anna compose a melody of music notes onto the staff.  In conclusion, we created the song and then performed it for mom in lesson the very same day!

Improvisation in piano lesson songwriting continued!

Stickers, colours and hearts quickly filled the page, and in half an hour we had a new song to play for mom, and family. Mom, grandma, dad and brother quickly gathered around the piano to hear Anna sing and simultaneously sing her new composition.

“I love you, you are nice,

you make me smile when we play games, I love you, you are pretty!

We all giggled the tears back, and it’s good Anna didn’t notice. She is a very serious little piano student, and she takes her lessons very professionally.

The moments captured that day are beyond words, can not be duplicated, and are in our memories for ever!

Improvisation is very much encouraged and promoted in our lessons, giving students a safe opportunity to think outside of the box, and practice creation without a predictable outcome.

*Founder, Emilee, speaks about the importance of improvisation and how Feely Piano School incorporates this into the curriculum of the school.*

Listen to Anna's improvisation in lesson, here!

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