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Home Piano Lesson Waterloo teacher Mike!

We offer in home piano lessons in Waterloo, and your teacher Mike works throughout the city, and is our first male teacher in Waterloo!

Mike started lessons at the age of 4, and has perfect pitch! What a lucky guy, and this makes Mike an extremely flexible Waterloo piano lesson teacher. Teachers with perfect pitch can hear music alphabet letters at the same time as hearing new music. This makes piano lesson teachers able to compose music easily.

When I started playing, I was surprised by how quickly I was able to learn and found out that I have perfect pitch early on in my lessons.

By taking music I not only learned an instrument but also discipline and discovered a creative outlet which has served me well throughout my life.

“My first accomplishment and ‘aha’ moment was playing a piano duet with my piano teacher during a recital. It was an incredible experience which confirmed my love for music..”

What to consider when choosing a piano teacher Waterloo

Mike is an extremely in demand piano teacher Kitchener and Waterloo, and it is for good reason because families say she is:

  • On time because he never missing a lesson
  • Extremely creative and engaging, especially with adult piano lessons Waterloo
  • Good teaching quality of hand positioning in beginner piano students
  • Strong connection to music in the city of Waterloo, because he performs often

piano lessons waterloo

Why do people study piano lessons Waterloo?

Not only, does piano lessons boost your creativity, but also helps individuals connect with others. In addition to those listed above, those who play an instrument have different brain development, enhance math skills, and are able to process speech more efficiently. Lastly, they are conditioned to work harder for results and are more self controlled.  These are a top reason to play piano.

“I really enjoy helping others learn” – Mike.

Did you know most doctors have a history in music learning when they are kids? Check out this paper, here!



Our piano lessons Waterloo, piano lessons Kitchener and piano lessons Mississauga are accepting students during this month.  For more information visit our contact Feely Piano page here.

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