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Valentines Day 2019 Event Waterloo

Are you living in Kitchener or Waterloo, love music, and are looking for a Valentines Day 2019 Event Waterloo? We’ve got the best 2019 Waterloo date for you, and it’s free too!  We’re so excited for Feely Piano Valentines Day 2019 concerts.  Piano lesson students from our Waterloo studio are going to be playing along with our Kitchener Guelph and Waterloo piano lesson teachers!

Our concert is free to the public, and is a date idea for 2019 in Waterloo.  We’re going to give all Feely Piano Students a special gift after playing, too!

See our event listing in The Waterloo Record Valentines 2019 Feely Piano release.

Feely Piano Valentines Concert 2019 Kitchener

Thanks to our design team, @Lindsey Rynders!

Best Practices for Piano Lesson Concerts

  1.  Always wear a smile – and do your practice every day before you perform piano at the concert.
  2. Look at the piano keys when you play!  Sometimes, musical performers confuse the audience by looking around as they perform.
  3. Keep playing – even if you make a mistake there’s a good chance no one else will notice, unless you stop playing! Keep on going.

Did you know we have in home piano lesson performances once a month? Check it out, we love giving piano student families opportunity to see progress in lessons. See our in home performance journals here!


“I’m so excited for the Feely Piano lesson recital, it’ll be really fun to meet other students that play piano in Kitchener, too!” – student, anonymous.

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