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Yoga and Music Mothers Day Gift

For mothers day, we are creating a new series of pop up events!  The first and most exciting is our yoga and music classes for moms.

There are many benefits to yoga, you can read more about the benefits of yoga here.

Research provides evidence that music supports well being

In the following research study here, the researcher examines the act of improvisation and it’s relationship to mindfulness.  He credits improvisation as a way to allow the engager to relax, become in the moment, and abandon self-consciousness.  This is an important skill to develop in life, as it allows a person to fully embrace themselves.

In our yoga classes, participants have moments when they sit eyes closed and sing improvise, strum the guitar, or play piano.  This is an opportunity to listen, react to ones feelings with music, and feel the ability to express with non judgement.

There is much research on the topic of music flow, which is the concept of being present and engaged with musical activities.  When a person improvises, and incorporate breathing and stretching simultaneously, you can ignite flow.  Breathing is a great way to connect to ones body through the natural movement of breath in the belly.



Other mother day gift ideas 2019

Looking for another neat idea for mom this year? You could consider at home piano lessons, or piano lessons online. Many mothers want to play music and the statistics show it.  In a recent Feely Music survey we found that 80 percent of parents signed their kids up for lessons because they had lessons themselves as a child.  When parents have lessons as a child it is often the case that they still have the interest in taking lessons as an adult.

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